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"We came here 10 years ago and had a great time with you and Jerry (the gold miner) We knew we had to come back.
 "Last time we rode our bicycles, this time we brought our car.
 We adore you!!  You made us feel so at home ten years ago..and your still making everyone feel at home today.
 Its not often one can go back in time.  Thank you."

Deb and Kenny G  (Iowa)

June 2008

"Easily the best hostel I've ever had the pleasure of visiting.
Sure I had an icey cold couch for a bed and it was in the Icy foyer...because I didn't make a reservation and she was full

But the hospitality and company was bloody brilliant.
Besides~ It was great conditioning for the 14 day dog sledding expedition that lies ahead."

Reiner N. (Yarram, Vic, Australia)

 Billie, thanks for the tent!
 I have stayed in many hostels and this one tops them all.
 The atmosphere down to the pugs, I love. I will be back.
 Fairbanks is a cool town and I already love Alaska.
 Richard  - Reno Nevada


"Back again after three years. 

This place has a way of rubbing off on you and feels more like home than home.  Thanks Billie."

Tim L (USA) 


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Billies Backpackers Hostel

2895 Mack Blvd.

Fairbanks, AK 99709



Each summer, we fly many flags over the hostel that represent the homelands of our guests. Of course, we can't fly ALL of the flags of ALL of the nations represented by our visitors, so we try to change up the flags every year. If you see that your nation isn't represented here -- and you've stayed at Billie's -- please send us a message so we can add your flag.
A fellow traveler led us to this hostel and we are really impressed.
"Such a cozy and individual place !! Thanks for having us and thanks to all the interesting people we met here. Back home I will just have the best stories to tell.!"
Marleen (Germany) 2004
A recent guest wrote...
"There has to be a best-in-the-world doesn't there? Well maybe a broader, best-in-the-world rating category. I am here to say that Billie's Backpackers is either the best-in-the-world or most certainly in that class. I first stayed here at Billie's in May of Nineteen Ninety Eight (1998) now twenty (20) years ago. I have stayed in the four bed dorm. I have stayed in the larger dorm. I have stayed with my wife and I in the two bed private room. I have tent camped in the back and now I am sleeping in my camper in the parking lot with an electric cord for power. Billie personally will accommodate any reasonable request for assistance. From time to time she will (or she used to) serve a buffet style dinner. The WiFi here is as-good-as-it-gets. I told her so and she said that she personally demanded the best from her Internet Service Provider. Billie's is absolutely the next best thing to home. A fully stocked (in terms of pots and pans and utinsels and spices and oils etc et al) kitchen for those who want to cook. She seems to draw to her hostel a really interesting category of visitors from all over the world. Guests who will share with other guests their groceries and even cook for others. It truly is amazing. The many photos here speak for themselves as to the warmth of the hostel. The bathrooms are large and clean and individual. Some even have bathtubs. The is also a very nice, stand-alone, outdoor, gazebo accommodation unit.As a third generation Alaskan (people in this category have to be extremely rare) Billie is a fount of information about what to see and what to do here locally and state wide." 
-- kanbaatar, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, June 2018