Billie's Backpackers Hostel - Private Rooms
Private Rooms

 We offer a variety of private rooms:

  • A private room with a queen-sized bed
  • A private room with two single, twin-sized beds
  • A private room with a single twin-sized bed
  • 2 private rooms, each with 4 bunk beds (one with a balcony area and the other in part of our main dormitory)

ONLY the rooms are private. Bathrooms, common areas and the kitchen are shared with other hostelers.

*Note: the private room with queen bed and the private room with two twin beds share a bathroom in Billie's private residence. The private room with balcony is accessed from a seperate entrance.


 All Private Rooms may be  viewed, booked and confirmed by using or by contacting Billie directly.

Using Airbnb 
  * Clicking the photo of the room on the right, should direct you to Airbnb
Airbnb charges a nominal booking fee

You may also make an INQUIRY about a private room by calling Billie directly.

Private Room/Queen Bed
Private Room Main Dorm/4 Bunk Beds
Private Room/2 Twin Beds
Private Room/Single Bed
Private Room Balcony Dorm/4 Bunk Beds


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