Fairbanks, Alaska




Helpful Travel Fact:

Fairbanks is HALF the distance from Denali National Park compared to Anchorage. There are Daily departures from the hostel to Denali - either by train or shuttle bus. Either way, you will get there far earlier than those arriving from Anchorage, allowing you to get a head start in reserving campgrounds, busses or backcountry permits in the park.

Distance Between Denali Park Visitor Center and:

 Denali State Park  68 mi / 111 km 

 Anchorage    237 mi / 381 km
 121 mi / 195 km
 Elevation at :
Park Entrance = 1,730 ft / 527 m
      Wonder Lake Campground = 2,090 ft / 637 m
      Denali Summit = 20,320 ft / 6,158 m

Denali Park Shuttle Bus

Established in 1917, Denali National Park and Preserve is huge....more than 6 million acres (about the size of Massachusetts), it contains some of the most remote and scenic wilderness in North America.

Denali Park and Preserve offers unbelievable wildlife viewing, unmatched scenery, white water rafting, flight seeing of some of the highest mountains on earth including 20,320' Denali (formerly Mt. McKinley) and much more.

Denali National Park and the surrounding entrance area have too many activities to list here. Most of the services are located near the park entrance along the Parks Highway. There are a range of activities including free hiking trails and river rafting.


"The great mountain rose above me desolate, magnificent, overpowering...I felt, as never before, completely alone in the presence of this mighty mountain; no words can describe my feelings."
Charles Sheldon, - The Wilderness of Denali
 - 1906

If you are planning on hiking, overnight camping, riding a shuttle/camper bus into the Denali Park, or just want to learn more about visiting this incredible area then the Visitor Center and the Wilderness Access Center (both are near each other) would be the place to start.  Both Centers are located at mile 237 Parks Highway, approximately 2.5 hours south of Fairbanks or 5 hours north of Anchorage.   

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There are several private campgrounds, hotels and lodges just outside the Denali Park and Preserve entrance along the Parks Highway. There is also one hostel Mountain Morning Hostel  10 miles south of the park entrance at mile 224 of the Parks Highway. 


The Denali Foundation   Offers a variety of educational programs including Elderhostel. They offer programs which are thematically based, seamlessly blending scholastic content with outdoor activities. See their website for full details on learning programs.

Other accommodations include several hotels, lodges and Bed and Breakfasts in the area (both north and south of the park entrance). Be advised however that without prior planning, lodging may be extremely limited in the high season (June - August) and advanced reservations are strongly advised.


The town of Healy, 10 miles north of the entrance offers a good alternative for lodging if you find it difficult to locate a place nearer the park entrance. For more information on lodges, B&B's, places to stay or other general information check out the Fairbanks Visitors Information Center.


For complete information on all the options that are available to you, including reservations for campgrounds, backcountry permits and shuttles into the park, contact the National Park Service at 1-800-622-7275 or visit the official Denali National Park Website.

Summer and Winter activities abound - snowshoeing, dog mushing, snowmobiling, camping, hiking, fishing, ranger programs, dog kennels - these are just a few of the activities. For the most current activities and up to date information see Denali National Park Website.



Open May 15th to September 22nd - 8am to 6pm
General information about the park, including ranger programs, film, and other activities & services.



May 14 to Sept. 21,  - 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily
Shuttle & Campground reservation desk opens at 7am

This is the HUB for access into the park including reserving space on a shuttle into the park and/or obtaining a campground or backcountry access permit



There is only one road into the park.  Private vehicles are generally not allowed beyond mile 15 (Savage River Station). Going further will require a ride one of the shuttle options, walking or bicycle.


Travels the entire length (90 miles) of the park road. Use this option for taking a day hike (get off anywhere along the way and catch any bus coming back) , or to access one of

the campgrounds. Check the website for schedules/time/fares.


Provides access to those staying in campgrounds and the backcountry. Th
ese busses have space for

your gear/packs/bicycle. You may only reserve space by FIRST making a reservation for a

campground or backcountry camping permit.


Three tour options each with different focus and length. All are formally narrated.



COURTESY "ENTRANCE AREA" SHUTTLE Free shuttle bus to get around the immediate park entrance area (Riley Creek Campground, Rail Depot, Trailheads, hotels, stores, visitor centers....).


There are six campgrounds of various sizes, facilities and remoteness in the park. Click the link here to see the details on each one including what's required to get there, fee's and restrictions, and how to make a reservations. The campgrounds are listed in order by distance along the park road.