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People of ALL ages from all over the world stay in hostels. While the atmosphere at a hostel tends to be "youthful", it really doesn't matter what age you are. Hostelers have an adventurous spirit, are usually like-minded, outgoing, friendly and eager to share their experiences with their fellow travelers. If you are traveling alone, then hostels are an excellent place to stay since it allows a way to meet others and share travel experiences.

In addition to travelers, we also welcome those who are attending the University of Alaska (located within walking distance) or serving at one of our two military bases (Ft. Wainwright or Eielson AFB).

Sometimes (usually during Winter months), you may meet locals (from Alaska) who visit for various reasons, or people looking to establish themselves in Fairbanks. 

In general however, we ask that you be travelling to stay here.


   We are open 24 hours a day and we accept CHECK-IN at any time.  


 - Arriving after 7pm?  Please let Billie know what time.

 - Arriving between Midnight - 7am?  Please make sure you have booked the previous night as your arrival date. 


 - If you have a late-night departure, you are free to remain at the hostel until your flight departs.   If you wish, you may use the time to do some last-minute sight-seeing, shopping, etc., and store your luggage with Billie.


Billie will attempt to separate genders, but sometimes that is not practical – especially during the busy summer months.


As a courtesy to all of our guests, we are unable to accept pets.

Please note: Billie does have a pet Schnauzer named "Sugar" that visits guests in the common areas from time-to-time. Sugar is not allowed in any of the sleeping areas. 

If you are allergic to dogs or you do not like dogs, this may not be the place for you.
Staying at a Hostel

  Please be reminded that this is a hostel setting and all areas (except private rooms) are shared with other travelers. 

  Please do your best to observe quiet time in the sleeping areas, clean up after yourselves, and respect others’ space and property.


Generally, you must be 18 years of age to stay with us. Exceptions must be arranged with Billie by emailing or calling her directly.

Work/Stays &

We are a small, family-run business hostel.
While we do not have job opportunities at the hostel, if you are seeking to come to Alaska to experience one of our wonderful Summers (or Winters, for that matter) while working in exchange for room and board, you might want to look at (click on the picture, below).


If you are homeless — or you are seeking to help to accommodate someone that is homeless — our hostel is not your best option. We suggest that you try The Fairbanks Rescue Mission (click on the picture, below).

We have no experience with either of the programs we noted and we cannot endorse them one way or another. We provide them as references for you, only.

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(5 or more)

We are happy to host groups! You may be able to book 5 or more by using one of the online booking engines; however, we ask that you contact us directly if you have more than 5 in your group. You may call or email us -- or use the form at the bottom of the Reservations & Inquiries page.

We are open 24/7 all year
(including Winter!).

We have NO CURFEW for our guests.. When you arrive, you will be provided with our door security codes and you may then come and go as you please.

Contact Us:

Billies Backpackers Hostel

2895 Mack Blvd.

Fairbanks, AK 99709